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Current Customers

As a valued Southern Scapes Nashville customer we have created a simpler  way for you to request a service.  Review the options below and select your requested service(s). Thank you for your continued support of Southern Scapes! Nashville!


Irrigation Services

  1. Irrigation Winterization ($95+materials) {Depressurized system, Disassemble backflow value, Take off black flow @disconnect}

  2. Irrigation Repairs ($85service fee + repair charges)

  3. Irrigation spring startup ($125+ materials)

  4. Complete service for current irrigation ($85 service fee + $10.95 per zone)


Additional Services And Requests

Please let us know if you have additional services or requests that we can help you with.

Custom Services

  1. Landscaping (price upon request)

  2. Landscape Lighting (price upon request)

  3. Maintenance (price upon request)

  4. Mulch (custom pricing)

  5. Flowers (custom pricing) 

  6. Fall Turf Rennovation (custom pricing) 

iragation .jpg

Existing Exterior Lighting Maintenance

  1. $85 ( + $5 Per Fixture) For Annual Services

  2. Clean Lense On Fixtures

  3. Clean Bulb Contacts

  4. Check Bulb for Burnouts

  5. Bulb Replacement (Extra fees apply)

  6. Adjust Beams

  7. Prune Back Shrubs At Fixtures

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Current Customers: Submit Review

Submit Review

As a current customer with Southern Scapes Nashville, we would love to hear how we are doing and what we can do to improve.  Please submit a review and tell us how we are doing.

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